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So I'm getting really tired of all these ragefits.

Suffice it to say I'm sick of the fucking mom logic and even more sick of the ever-present drama with Shawn and Stan.

Wish I gave a rat's ass about all that. bnr.

It wouldn't be so bad if in mom logic land I wasn't the bad guy no matter what I do. The Shawn and Stan bs wouldn't be as awful if my gd mom could talk about something other than that sometimes. It's like everything out of her mouth is either about that or about how someone fucked up somehow. All of a sudden we can't have silence while watching a show, there has to be random commentary about OH DID I TELL YOU WHAT SHAWN/STAN/YOUR DAD/YOU FUCKED UP TODAY?

At least work went by easily enough, save for the upset at lunch over the retarded mom logic vs date shit.

There's some other shit I'm pretty miffed about, but in the end I guess it doesn't matter. I really shouldn't have been surprised about the way things would turn out, despite my efforts.

I'm still coming down from the anger, by the time we get back into the room I'm probably going to be exhausted and clingy. But at least I won't feel like punching things anymore. I hope. I'll just be cuddly or something. IDEK.

[livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction, I love you. Thank you for putting up with all my rages and shitfits. You're so patient with me. ❤

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As usual I had a big post planned, but now I just don't want to.

My dad it getting just a little bit worse every time we turn around, his memory is really going and I'm waiting for the moment that it starts getting really scary. When I think about it I get this tension in my chest and I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do or say. He's barely able to get around right now and stubborn as ever, I'm really afraid that I'm just going to get a call while I'm at work that something worse has happened to him.

Today was crappy in general, really, punishment pain was at a high. I spent the entire day at work trying not to vomit and at one point I had someone watch the desk just so I could go into the restroom and cry like a big baby. You know it's bad when I sit down on a dirty floor just to get a little bit of comfort. I know someone cleans in there all the time, but still the look of it...on a normal day I wouldn't walk in there without shoes. Work is work. There's always something to remind me why I really should start looking for somewhere else and just move on. Shitty management in general and I'm pretty sure I'm about to get penalized for a lost package that I didn't even misplace. Nevermind that the package arrived in fucking NOVEMBER and that cuntwhore Jocelyn is just now getting around to looking into it. Dumbass expects me to remember who took the damn box upstairs, but if they just got their shit together and kept it clean up there (like I was doing when I was helping up there) it wouldn't be missing in the first place. I'll be damned if I let them take a hundred some dollars out of my paycheck for something that wasn't my fault.

To add to frustration and pain, part of [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction's birthday present arrived completely wrecked. I was furious when it got here yesterday and called UPS to file a complaint. Spoke with them again today to do an inspection over the phone and then was told that they would contact Amazon and hopefully something would work out. Contacted Amazon too, just to cover all my bases and make sure that if I really needed to send it back for a replacement, I could. ONLY GUESS WHAT? They are completely sold out and don't know when they'll be getting more in. Once I hear back I guess I'll figure out where to go from there, it just pisses me off that it was the one thing I was sure I wanted to get her and now I might not be able to get another one in time.

On a more positive front, even with all the frustration at work I still know that when I come home I have someone wonderful to come home to. ❤ For all the shit I put up with lately, it all just doesn't matter until I have to go back in and deal with it again. She's so amazing, putting up with all my bitching and ragefits over stupid things. She made my birthday extra awesome too, which is just another reason that I'm so frustrated over this package fiasco. I just want to make things as wonderful for her as they were for me.

I've been playing Sims 2 quite a bit, which is probably more time consuming than it should be. Well, alternating between that and Black. I need to start connecting with people again, I've realized. Last weekend Toaster and I got back in touch and kind of caught up and it was really nice, now if I could just keep it up. :| I still have to watch more of Battlestar Galactica too, now that I think about it. Aaaaand, I think I quit writing now. I didn't feel like writing something huge, but I did anyway.

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Today was kind of a moody day all around, so I'm sure at this point it wasn't just me being overly sensitive. After work I came home and just curled up around my adorable waifu and passed out.

I thought I was good, but now I'm just sitting here getting more and more irritated every time my opens her mouth. All she talks about is Shawn and Stan and Shawn and Stan and Heather and jdslkfjsdf shitcock goddammit. And if I say something about how tired I am of hearing it, I'm the bad guy.

I'm just so sick of other people's drama, there's no reason that someone else's fuck up should be taking over my life. Goddamn, I seriously can't wait for this shitstorm to be over because I'm ready to explode over it. It's probably stressing me out more than it should, but when it's all my mom will talk about it's really hard to avoid.

blah blah blah blah blaaaaah.


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Seriously, just fuck today.

At this point I just want a fucking hug, to curl up and cry and then take a goddamn nap.


Today really was just fabbity fab fab fab. :| 

And by that I mean just supremely shitty.

Had it sprang on me right off the bat that I was supposed to be there at 8:15 instead of 8:30 this morning (and ultimately didn't make it in until 8:40 because I'm a tard and left my wallet so I had to go back) because she needed me to cover Denise's shift at the front desk. At least Cindy acknowledged that it was her error because she didn't call me to tell me. But still, manning the front desk on Monday is just bad in general be there because...I have 3-4 days worth of paperwork to catch up on. But I figure it's fine because after lunch I'll still have nearly four hours to catch up.


Not only did someone fuck up my morning by pretty much just...lying about me while I'm standing right there (saying that I made comments about the check I gave them and that I told one of the other managers not to write them one when they asked for it. seriously, wtf?), but then it got worse because the ramen bar girl called in. No problem until about 11:30 when people just...started sitting down and waiting. So who gets to handle that? Me, of course, having to run over there and cook for the three people waiting. Cindy told me to close right after them, but did that happen? HA. NO. Two more came up and I couldn't very well tell them NOT SERVING YOU because they already saw me serving the others and there's no sign posted at all. So ultimately I was stuck over there for an hour and a half cooking and washing dishes. At least I got a decent amount of tips out of it, though I have to wonder if that girl really meant to leave me all of her change. Eight dollars total, nicest haul I've gotten from over there, I guess.

Finally got to lunch a little after one and didn't even feel like eating because I was already upset, but I forced myself to do it anyway and subsequently made myself feel even more sick. I spent the remaining time at work at my desk and trying to clear all the paper off before I had to leave, but the waves of nausea PLUS the most monstrous cramps I've had in years kind of set me back a little. So basically, got SHIT accomplished today. I even forgot to stop at the bank on the way home and deposit the check my mom gave me.

At the very least, I didn't have to deal with any of the vendors on the phone that I was dreading dealing with so...that's good? 

And those tips. :|  yeah...that's pretty much it. I was basically so frustrated and fed up by the time I was at lunch that I really just sat at the table and stared at my food, trying not to cry before I finally shoved it all down. Still feel like I'm going to vomit, still feel likeI want to punch babies, but at least I'm home now and I have the option of taking a nap. HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH.

I seriously just feel stretched too thin when it comes to work these days. I keep getting reminded how important my job is by bossu waifu, but then I get pulled away to handle everyone else's shit. It's no wonder I'm still making mistakes and forgetting to keep up with my handful of orders that I do, I'm too busy covering everyone else's ass when they can't deliver. They really need to get in gear and start hiring some people so that I can actually start to like going to work in the mornings again.

Yeah...about that nap. I think I'm going to do that now. >:< 


Hnnnngh. And that really just makes me feel worse. I should be well past it, but for some reason I really just can't let it go. Can't have a shitty day without a little vague thrown in. 
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That felt like one of the longest nights in the history of ever.  I am definitely planning on a nap when I get home from work tonight.  A nice two hour nap.  Possibly three hours, I suppose we'll see.

I need to go to Sally's tomorrow or Monday for another bleach treatment, hair is still not light enough for the toner to take.  Right now the strip is a little too yellow blond for my tastes...


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