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Today I ate a popsicle that resembled a sex toy. It was delicious, but I think if I'd known what it looked like ahead of time I might have just gone with another one.

Yesterday I watched Princess and the Frog and find myself no longer disappointed in the quality of the animated villains. :|  Facilier, thank you for giving me faith again!

In other news work is work and mom logic is ridiculous. My mom's only remaining sibling may be dying, which as heartless as it sounds, really is of no importance to me or any one else in this house. Mom all but cut ties with her years ago, but somehow we're about to become a boarding house for nearly all of her ADULT children. I'm sure they're all perfectly capable of paying for a hotel for a night, but my mom wants to be 'supportive' of them. It wouldn't be so bad if it were just one or two people, but she keeps offering space to more. I think the count is four at the moment, I'm seriously going to say something if she tries to invite more people to stay. I also wish that she didn't feel like she had to run around like crazy and make everything look perfect. :| What if it had been even more short notice? I guarantee there wouldn't be time to clean in that case. BUT OH WELL, LIKE I SAID MOM LOGIC IS CRAZY.

I'm pretty concerned over how much my mouth is hurting, I couldn't really eat anything solid at all today which is why I opted for the popsicle at lunch. Opening my mouth too wide hurts, pressure hurts, my cheek looks a little swollen AND my throat hurts too boot. It doesn't help that I keep forgetting when I do actually have to give in and eat, then I end up chewing on the wrong side and almost tearing up because of the pain.

I'm going to stay positive though, try not to let any of this screw up my days off too much. Definitely not going to let myself get sick over any of it either, I've got too much to save up for~ Important, important things to me. >:3


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