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sfsjdlfjsdkjdsfdf. see icon, this face forever.

Last minute crunch, I can't remember if I've forgotten to pack anything at all or not. I still have one more day to pull things together and a million other things that need to be done as well.

I need to secure the rest of the decorations tomorrow, try to fix the grim reaper and actually set up the timers the way I was supposed to today. I think we're going to the aquarium with my nephews as well, but that still remains to be seen.

Didn't get my haircut like I wanted today, as it turned out someone was misinformed about the days that he would be in so it's looking like if he's not there tomorrow I'm not getting one before I do. Which would be absolutely wretched, considering that it's really getting so ridiculous to deal with. Today I didn't even bother putting product, despite it looking...strange.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought a few things. Some greatly needed socks, a couple of halloween themed shirts that I didn't need and cat food that we did need. Probably should have actually gotten the cat litter, but I think my mom can handle that this time around.

But stuff, stuff, stuff and things. I've also got to remember to see about checking in for the flight in advance, that way I can just head for the gate once I get there in the morning on Tuesday. Probably should make sure my mom is still actually going to take me too, I keep forgetting to ask and I'm pretty sure she was kidding when she told me that was too early in the morning for her to go. :|

just dslkfjsdklfjsdklfjsdlfjsdlfjsdlfkj. I should put a pain patch on my neck while I sleep, I'm all wound up and it hurts. aaaaaaaaa.

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Derp, derp, derp. I meant to be getting stuff together tonight, but instead I'm sitting here on my ass and looking at icons.

The day was long even though I wasn't scheduled for very much time, it was just that I worked my ass off. Haha, ass ass ass.

I swear, I'm so fucking giddy and excited about next week it's almost ridiculous. I've been having a really hard time getting my words out though, my brain moving too fast for my mouth. Today I was trying to say that zombies can't drive cars because they don't possess the motor skills, but it came out as zombies can't drive skills. And hahaha, I just realized how much funnier that was. Can't DRIVE because they have no MOTOR skills. Oh god, I kill myself sometimes.

Speaking of zombies, majority of my dreams lately have been made up of zombies and Doctor Who. Though, I have to say the strangest was the one where I woke up knowing full well that Doctor Who and How I Met Your Mother had somehow melded into one show. I think it was neat, but I can't be too sure.

And now back to something and something and nothing at all.

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Excellent, just a few more days before it's time to go.

So many plans and things I'm looking forward to. The company, Disney, Knotts, the great hair adventure. Tuesday can't get here quickly enough.

Managed to get an Axe travel set from wal-mart, it'll be better in the long run to have the small amounts. That way I don't have to worry about shoving the larger things into my suitcase and I won't have to worry about things exploding on me once I get back too.

One more day of work and then Sunday I really need to start getting things put together, write out my list so I don't forget anything. Phone charger, gps stuff, pajamas and all that good stuff. I'll try not to leave stuff behind at the hotel this time around too.

Double checked on the schedule at the hair place, Sunday I'll definitely be going to get my haircut before I go. It's really too difficult to do anything with right now. I really would like to try something different, but everything I look for ends up seeming more like a fauxhawk than anything and I'm not positive I could pull it off. Still going to be bold and do my whole head with the silver, but I should get the red just in case it doesn't go as planned.

Monday we may be going with my nephews to do something fun, I think I'll be hoping that the aquarium idea wins out. We went to the zoo before and it doesn't look like anyone else really wants to go see the Bodies thing as much as I do, plus it's a little on the expensive side...so fish and things work for me just as well. :|

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The day was mostly good, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed to hear that cleaning my aunt's piece of shit house this weekend is more important than a goddamn yearly tradition.

So yeah, right now it looks like it's just going to be my nephews and I decorating for halloween. And by that I mean they'll work until they get bored or lose interest and I'll end up doing most of it on my own. Not that I mind, it's just a really big set up for one person to do by themselves.

Oh well, I should just worry more about getting things in order for my trip. Last month went by so slowly and now this month feels like it's just going by quickly. Nothing wrong with that, it just means I get to go and have fun a little faster. Now if that week could go by slowly I would be okay with that.

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I'm beginning to wonder if I should make a trip to the doctor to have a few things checked out.

My equilibrium has been off for over a month now and I find myself losing my balance and nearly falling over or crashing into things. It's not that I feel weird or anything, it's just a little disconcerting more than anything.

Finally gave in and decided to try some alternative forms of medicine for monthly punishment. It's been a long time since I've done homeopathic, but so far it seems to be helping a bit and even just a little relief is nice. At the very least I can be happy that it's not going to be carrying on while I'm on my trip.

I need to remind again at work that I'm going to be out, I think even though I sent a reminder last week the dummy that does the scheduling has already forgotten that I requested time off.

Also found out that I don't owe nearly as much as I thought I did on the card, at least not right away. Which makes me wonder if my mom wasn't completely honest with me and I was paying for some of her stuff the last time too. Which is fine with as much as I don't have to pay for around here, but it still makes me wonder. :|

On a completely different note, I'd like to be able to ask a simple question without getting my head taken off. Yes, I agreed to go out and help my mom with more bullshit at my aunt's piece of shit house, all I wanted to know was whether we were going to be there all day or not. I never said I didn't want to go, I never complained, so I'm really not sure why I got the death glare and the irritated click of her tongue. I really shouldn't be surprised that it was taken in the way that it was, but just once today I would like for something positive to come out of her mouth that doesn't have to do with her haircut or the cat that she wanted.

BUT THANK GOD IT'S OCTOBER. FINALLY. *^* I'm going to do my best not to let anything keep me down!

Also I want a beer helmet. :|

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So hahaha, I was totally going to try and stay until six today, but yeah that didn't happen.

About 4:30 I was just too exhausted to keep going and decided that maybe it was just best to come home. Only halfway through my burger did I realise that I totally hadn't eaten all day, so I really need to keep on top of that. You'd think with as sick as I get I wouldn't ever forget to eat, but it still happens and I'm not quite sure why.

At least most of it went by quickly enough, I just have to remember to keep myself busy and it really shouldn't be so bad. Saw lots of cute things that I really would like to have, but I definitely don't need them. All of my money is better spent on my upcoming trip and for things that I actually need to pay for.

I really just want it to be October already, this month is dragging on so long and I hate it. Nothing I can do but keep on keepin' on~

Best part of the day so far is the fact that it's grey and rainy. It smells so nice and I just love the atmosphere on days like this, I really hope it carries over until tomorrow. X3

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Day full of stuff. Some good and some bad. I think I did too much, running around all over the place after just barely feeling more like myself. Now I just feel awful again and don't want to do anything other than sit or sleep.

I bought some stuff that I needed, more shampoo and gel and dye for my touchups. I'm trying to figure out what colour I want to do my little streak, the purple keeps fading into this weird aqua and everyone takes note when it does. Maybe this time I'll really just try for the white again, we'll see.

Finally got some Burger King too and it was delicious. Mom and I had some good conversations about all kinds of stuff and then I realised that I probably need to find my bioplast earrings to wear on the plane in October. Like hell I'm going to let them take jewelry away because it's too pointy or something retarded like that. Plus they would be a bitch to take out at the scanners and then put back in. Unless I make it a point to take them out ahead of time, but the plastic would really be so much easier to deal with. I could just change them after landing or something.

Found out that my nephew is no longer the sensitive boy that he used to be, he's turning into a hateful person and it actually hurt quite a bit to realise this. I know when trying to express my feelings on it to my mom I started crying because I should have known he would end up like this, but I guess there's just no stopping it at this point. It was more disappointing than anything, I suppose, knowing that he used to be a good kid and now he's just...he says terrible things that I would expect to hear out of people that are completely ignorant.

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Fffff. I hate worrying over work shit.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know what a liar bossu waifu is. I'm definitely doing what I can to avoid confrontation with her again, but I really don't appreciate being told that something happened when it didn't. She does have a way of trying to twist things around and if this crap that came up today comes up again I'm definitely just going to tell her to look at the camera. I can't be held responsible for something that was never even given to me, that's all on her.

I just find myself extremely paranoid over the whole thing, like it's all part of some elaborate plot to oust me out of the store completely. I wouldn't put it past her, but in ultimately I'm pretty sure that she's too stupid to actually put what I have in mind together. So long as it doesn't come up again though, I'm totally fine.

They really did cut some hours out at work but with the way that my payments work out for this and that it shouldn't be anything that I can't handle. It's fine for now anyway, that way I don't end up getting so burned out like I was getting. I think that was where I was heading when I snapped at work that day.

I'm really looking forward to October more and more, it'll be nice to get away again. I honestly did start looking into school again, but I really would have to save up a lot to at least get things set up. All of the schools I've looked at have really high tuition for out of state students, but it seems that the courses I'm interested in are so much more accessible in other places than they are here. :| 

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I'm sure I had stuff to write about.

Work was good, save for the fact that the meeting this morning revealed that we're going to have a child oriented section in the produce department to 'get kids excited about food'. I seem to recall being very excited about food when I was little, so I don't see how this is something that will actually serve any purpose other than giving me a headache. I already know how it's going to turn out. People will be like OH HEY CUTE THINGS FOR KIDS! Then they'll tell their kids to stay put and play and then just wander off.

The customer service desk will become a joyless place because it'll be like working in a damn daycare.

Have I mentioned that I hate kids? I probably have. And if I haven't, then I hate kids. Now you know.

My elbow still hurts a lot, I forgot to take my bandage with me to wrap it today and then in the ultimate move of intelligence I lifted heavy boxes because I didn't want to wait for someone to get them out of my way. YAY ME! 

Thinking about games and apps and stuff and trying to come up with more plans and wonders and cucumbers and shit and blah blah blah. My arm hurts. I need to take something for it and lay down. So...totally shutting up now. :|

Also YAY ARTICUNO. Trying for Cresselia next. +_+


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I did absolutely nothing today but watch movies, play pokemon and make frosted sugar cookies.

I feel awesome.

Got all of my reservations for October done too, so that's just one less thing to worry about.

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Went shopping today in an attempt to find one or two more pairs of jeans to wear for work and came back with things that I absolutely didn't need.

Bought another gun for Elliot at a thrift store that already had a crap ton of brand new Halloween stuff out. Two dollars isn't bad and no shipping, so at least I have a replacement for the one that broke at Fanime. There was a lot of other cool stuff that I wanted, but I need to save money for October. I need book everything tonight too if I can. I already convinced mom that using the card is best because I can pay it all off before the end of next month anyway. I realized that I really still want an Indiana Jones hat. I may have to break down and actually buy one that's wearable on a regular basis. My mom also quashed some woman's attempt to shoplift too, I was all ready to be heroic if it came to that. It was very exciting and then I got bored and paid more attention to the costumes.

Also bought a picture frame with giraffes on it. It even came with a real picture of some teenagers that I'll probably just shove somewhere and keep. I think it's sad to throw away pictures of real people. Even sadder that people would just get rid of something like that without taking the picture out first. Someone must have been pissed or something.

Then walgreens had the Halloween candy out already so I bought some orange marshmallow pumpkins and a candy that was in a Chinese take out box. It's like...gummy noodles and eyeballs or something ridiculous. God, I love Halloween. It's when all the super gross candy comes out that I just can't resist. :|

At any rate, I never got the pants. I did get a few things that I actually needed. Mostly some more deodorant and body spray since it was on sale, I very briefly considered trying some Old Spice just for a change but it was more expensive. Maybe on a time that it actually happens to be on sale I'll try it.

I need to remember to look at drugstores in California too when I go back out there. [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction said that they carried Sunsilk products pretty regularly and we don't even have it in the stores here now. The only thing I can find is shampoo at work and it's all East Indian product and totally not what I'm looking for.

All in all it turned out to be a good day, just kind of going from store to store and hanging out with my mom. :3

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So today was a day. Busy to the point that it practically flew by, but I was so tired that it almost seemed a little overwhelming.

At one point I had a lady ask me for 'AMAMAMI' beans. It took me a while to figure out just what in the hell she was talking about, but once I finally got her to accept that she might have the wrong name and actually describe them I realized she was asking for EDAMAME.

I also had a lady walk up to my desk and stare at me for a moment before she just threw her arms up in the air and said 'SHOPPING CARTS?!' rather frantically. I really wanted to reply with 'BULLDOZERS?!' because it almost felt like a game, but that might have been pushing it a little.

I need to tell my mom that I'm using the AmEx to prepay for my trip. I'll just have to pay it all off in increments from the next few paychecks. We'll see how that talk goes or how reluctant she seems. Last night the prices were the best they have been since I started checking, so I figure I'd better lock that down ASAP.

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I don't think my house has ever felt this depressing.

I just wish that I could have kept everything together until after I left the airport, but there's not much I can do about it now. I'm already thinking on how I can get everything arranged for October, because absolutely nothing is going to stop me.

I feel a little drained right now, maybe that's why the house feels the way it does. It was really sad walking into my room when I got home and it feeling so...empty? I got so used to the company and the warmth that was around, I'm almost positive that sleeping is going to be a little more than difficult for a while.

I made it before, I can make it again. Maybe sometime soon her presence will be much more permanent, at least I can hope for that much. I'll definitely keep trying for it, that's for sure. ❤

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Sometimes I wonder why I let myself sign up for these things. :| I swear I just can't resist.

In other news tomorrow is finally Friday and I'm hoping that it won't be as bad as tonight has been. Punishment is working full force and I feel like I've been hit by a truck I'm so exhausted. I've been having really weird dreams too, but I can only remember snippets by the time that I actually wake up.

This weekend is probably going to be full of cleaning and preparation for next week, I'm really just getting more and more excited about everything. Such plans and wonderful things to look forward to~ *^*
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Today was a very trying day.

My stomach was acting up again, so much to the point that I ended up having to go home for my lunch break to try and find something to make the rest of the day a little more tolerable. I decided that I didn't want to stay in the pants I put on this morning either, so I changed to try and get a little more comfortable.

I think maybe I slept a little too much, because I really was almost violently cranky today. It was all the more upsetting because I went to sleep feeling incredibly happy and in a total state of elation. So sad that I could wake up the way I did and feel like ripping nearly everyone's faces off today.

I want to start off this next part by saying that I'm well aware how much of a nerd I am, but there was a girl in the store today that just made me want to punch her fucking teeth in. We have a policy posted on the front doors about checking in large bags and this group of kids comes in, all with bags. Anyway, I go taking off after them to try and get their bags and one of the dumbasses just stands there and stares at me while I'm talking. All I can think is that she just doesn't want to give up her gigantic guitar bag, which is fair enough. No. That wasn't the case at all, this girl actually thought she was CLEVER and just keeps staring at me while I'm explaining that they need to leave their bags at the front and blah blah blah. Her friends are standing there and accepting it all.

What is she doing? Saying 'NANI' everytime I looked at her to make sure that she was getting me. She wasn't asian in any way and I'm really surprised that I didn't call her on it with as annoyed as I was feeling all day. I can understand feeling special when you know a few words in another language, hell, I talk to myself in Japanese when I don't want anyone else to hear. BUT WHEN YOUR FRIENDS ARE LOOKING AT YOU LIKE YOU'RE A FUCKING RETARD BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU'RE RESPONDING, MAYBE IT'S TIME TO KNOCK OFF YOUR SHIT.

Also, I'd just like to say again that I hate old, entitled, white women. :| And people that ask for discounts when something is obviously not sellable and/or broken. And I hate my dumbass manager, but that's not really anything new. Today she acted like it was a big fucking inconvenience for people to go to the bathroom, SO SORRY THAT I HAVE TO EMPTY MY BLADDER LIKE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.

The one excellent thing about work today? 

I saw a man in the store that looked like Neil Patrick Harris. Only he was asian. It was highly entertaining.

Well, that and the fact that I discussed at length with one of the girls about how to correctly fend off zombies if we were stuck at work. I've also come to the conclusion that I need to revise my plan quite a bit now that there are other things to take into consideration.
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Only one more day before I can actually get the chance to sleep in, at least covering tomorrow will let me make up some of the hours I missed when I was sick. Though, I can't help but wish that it could have been another day that they needed me to cover, since working Friday and Saturday is going to be kind of a bitch. Today was already crazy busy because of the holiday weekend, tomorrow is bound to be even busier. But like I said, I need the money so I can finish playing catch up and actually work toward paying for the next trip. October still feels too far away, but you never know when something else might come up that could make the wait seem a little more tolerable.

I've been dreaming a lot, mostly really nice dreams that make me happy in that bittersweet sort of way. Amazing until you realize it's a dream, but despite that little bit of disappointment it still manages to leave me with a good feeling.

I think people are going a little crazy at work and I may have spoken too soon about some things. As soon as I voiced how glad I was that Chuy stopped asking me to dinner every day, he started up again and was even more annoyed/disappointed that my answer was no once again. On top of that Cong started calling me Sonialicious out of the blue, which just really makes me hope he's trying to find a nickname to irritate me. I'm also not quite sure how I feel about people focusing on my boobs so much all of a sudden too. :| It's like..they've been the same since I started working there, so why all of a sudden are people taking notice and making comments about them? IDEK.

I'm still a little wired from work I think, even though I took a nap and I'm pretty exhausted. Now I'm just waiting to crash out completely, hopefully it won't come to that though. For now though, it's the quest for something to drink! +_+
Long week was long. Not a bad thing but I can be glad that it's over, that's for sure.  Just one more week before the epic adventure, I'm getting antsy and trying to remember everything that needs to be done. I'm sure the weekend before I'll still be running around like a chicken with my head cut off, no matter how hard I try to make sure I'm prepared.

Today was productive at the very least and I managed to solve the mystery of my exhaustion. One affliction down, one to go. I'm getting that feeling again and slipping into old habits, I'm afraid there's not much to be done at this point and self-medication doesn't seem to be helping. I suppose I'll deal with it when it gets to be too much, I always do.

I drove for a few extra minutes on the way home so I could finish singing along with a song and remembered a time that I got lost on the way home when I was in elementary school.  I took a different way home because I wanted to walk past a house that always had kittens in front of it and ended up getting terribly lost. I never did find those cats that day, I think it made me sad. At any rate, there weren't any kittens out in front of that house tonight...it still made me a little sad. :| 
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Despite crippling pain most of the day, it turned out to be better than I would have expected. A generally relaxed sort of day at work, even though I feel like I got a lot done. I bought some soup mix that I want to make tomorrow night for dinner, Potato Leek. Really simple, but it sounded so delicious and I just really wanted it. 

A-and then, then I came home to a package. I was so stoked to see that my wig for my Elliot cosplay had arrived. I still need to try and style it some, but the colour is just so slkdfjfsdf perfect  and the cut of it...I really don't feel like I have to do much with it at all. *^* I need to decide just what I'm going to do as a second cosplay, if anything at all and I still have some minor alterations to make to Elliot's stuff too. 

Just about two weeks left to plan and stuff and s;dlkfdsfjdslkfj. So much left to do, it seems like. I did get my new schedule for work today, at least for the next week, anyway. Gained a few extra hours AND made it to where I could go in a little later. Maybe I'll be able to actually sleep the right amount, though I seem to be back to the bad habit of getting four hours or less and still managing to function.

The dreams this week have been....extra special, not in a funny sense but in a...well, I'm not quite sure how I feel about them, honestly. I guess it's not all that important, not unless they keep going the way they have been. 
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It always feels awkward when that feeling creeps up in the midst of a happy moment.

I suppose it's really just something to be dealt with since I can't muster up the courage to actually get it off my chest, it really doesn't last all that long though. The good really does outweigh the bad by leaps and bounds, so in the end there really isn't anything to complain about at all.

Though, I do have to wonder how much of it is my being scared that it all just might be suddenly lost or taken away if I never take that step.  Or that if I do, I'll end up ruining something that was already spectacular.  It's all a little silly, I suppose, but when I think on it I'm really not sure that I've ever truly felt so invested in something like this.

Now that I'm done with that, I really need to start focusing on more planning. Otherwise things could end up being more stressful than necessary, time really is going by so fast but that's not a bad thing at all.
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Decent day, even if I had a raging headache for most of it. I had a little issue an hour into work though, almost crippling pain in my side and hot flashes. It hurt so bad I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or barf. :|

Lots of really nice customers though, mostly older people that wanted the chance to just chat with someone, I think. A few crappy ones here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Except for the woman that had on leggings that had to have been at least three sizes too small. The back seam was about to burst and I guess I was making a terrible face and staring a little too much, because this very jovial Jamaican man noticed. He looked at what I was looking at and then looked at me again and started laughing as he walked away.

Lots of planning going on, but the more planning I do the more excited I get. I need to hold onto as much as I possibly can, that way I won't feel too stressed out to enjoy myself when the time comes.

Right now, I really feel like nothing can bring me down. Usually I would worry that a low is coming, but I'm happy enough just enjoying what I can. ❤

And now...idk, meme time. :|

The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme


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