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So hahaha, I was totally going to try and stay until six today, but yeah that didn't happen.

About 4:30 I was just too exhausted to keep going and decided that maybe it was just best to come home. Only halfway through my burger did I realise that I totally hadn't eaten all day, so I really need to keep on top of that. You'd think with as sick as I get I wouldn't ever forget to eat, but it still happens and I'm not quite sure why.

At least most of it went by quickly enough, I just have to remember to keep myself busy and it really shouldn't be so bad. Saw lots of cute things that I really would like to have, but I definitely don't need them. All of my money is better spent on my upcoming trip and for things that I actually need to pay for.

I really just want it to be October already, this month is dragging on so long and I hate it. Nothing I can do but keep on keepin' on~

Best part of the day so far is the fact that it's grey and rainy. It smells so nice and I just love the atmosphere on days like this, I really hope it carries over until tomorrow. X3


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