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So sore today and last night, here I was just assuming I was getting over being sick but now I'm thinking it's just the start of something else. Didn't realise until a little while ago that I have a fever of 101. Yaaaaay. Now just to drink some juices and water to try and flush everything out before I have to get up and go to work in the morning.

Now it suddenly makes so much more sense that Sailor has been so cuddly all day. :|

After dinner I might go lay down again, try to rest a little bit more since I can hardly keep my eyes open. We'll see though.

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Buuuh. Still sick, but at least it's just some congestion and a little bit of dizziness today. Which doesn't help me at all because I really needed to get up on the roof and fix the AC hose, it's leaking again. I think since the season is almost over I'll just go for duct tape, but maybe not until tomorrow.

Been waffling on some RP stuff, I want to app a couple more but I'm not sure on who. Still would like to be able to come up with at least one woman I can play and not lose her right away, I'm at the point where I'm just sure I fail at woman since I can't find many I can relate to and/or like.

I really want some Burger King.

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Man, seriously today was like the day that all the douchebags came out.

I had a woman today that was pissed about having to check in her bag, so pissed that she practically threw it in my face and then flat out refused to come back and get it herself. She expected one of the cashiers to go and get it for her or me to bring it to her, as if that was going to make us change our policy. Don't get me wrong, I don't quite agree with having to collect reusable shopping bags but I do it because I don't want to be bitched at by bossu waifu and her dumbass minion. At any rate, I was sure she was going to start a riot because she was very vocal about it again when I took her the bag at the register, so much so that a man behind her started getting involved in the explanation I was trying to give her. TL,DR; She was a huge bitch. That typical entitled white woman that comes in from time to time, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

Even bossu was extremely on edge today, took my head off at least once and then just seemed super stressed all walking around with a >:| look on his face all day. I just chalk it up to today being a really crappy day. Other than that I guess I can't complain about much, save for the fact that I'm still sick and I have a ridiculously bad headache. I probably should take out my contacts and go lay down for a bit, but I have a movie I want to watch and stuff and things and stuff. At least I have the next three days off, it'll give me a chance to try and start feeling better since I don't want to spend all of next week ill as well.

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Ugggggh. My head hurts so bad and not a thing is touching it. I really would have liked to come home and take a nap right away, but my mom wanted to go and look at new recliners for her office. In the end we didn't find anything for her, so it was a little disappointing to push through all of that with no result.

I really was tempted just to stay home today, but I pushed through it. Had a couple of firsts at work today. One being a man that was so rude that I didn't even know how I should deal with him. Me trying to answer his question should not have gotten my head taken off and being told flat out that he wasn't talking to me. And a second try prompted the response from him that he still wasn't talking to me, he was talking to the woman behind the desk next to me. At any rate, it was like one extreme to the other, I helped a young man find some kombu and he got so excited when I offered to show him where it was that he called me a Goddess. Twice.

Bossu and Cindy called me into her office at one point during the day, the setup actually had me a little worried over what was going on but in the end I guess it turned out all right. They've decided to move me again so that I spend two days at the customer service desk and at least two days in the gift shop. The gift shop I don't mind so much, only that time might go by a little more slowly than I would like. At least I'll be able to have access to a radio and I won't really have to deal with too many obnoxious customers. I think they'll probably change it back quickly enough, at least I hope as much. What I really want this to be for them is a learning experience, a chance to see just how much I do for them at the front desk. The last couple of weeks I've been off three days in a row and on Monday I come back to a disaster area. We'll see how it all goes though, at the very least it's a chance for me to do something that I might like a little better. Plus I'll get a chance just to hang out with all the Sanrio stuff we have back there.

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/insert rage about a million different things including communication problems, hypocrisy, the incompetence of others and insensitive nonsense.

I hate being sick.

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It could just be because I'm sick, but I get really tired of my mom doing and doing for people that she doesn't even like. She claims all this is 'for the kids' but she doesn't realize just how much of it benefits her good for nothing sister.  In the end, I'm worried that even with as much as she cares for them all (minus my aunt) that they're going to start taking advantage.

I already feel that they are, but somehow when I try to express that it turns into how I don't help enough and how if she were in the same position that she could only hope that someone would be doing all the same little things to help her out. I pointed out to her that there would be more than enough people around to help because she's a better person and not total trash like some of the people she helps, but even that didn't seem to reach her.

Oh well, it's a losing battle. Sometimes I really wish that I could learn to keep my mouth shut, things would end up being so much more peaceful. :|

On the lighter side I woke up with a mighty jewfro. I brushed it and it turned into cool 80s guy hair. I laughed quite a bit and then I realized the laughing was hurting my head too much so I stopped. :|
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Long day was long.

I still think seven am shouldn't exist at all, that's just way too fucking early to get up and actually be functional for a meeting. Which is why I didn't get up at seven and slept that extra twenty five minutes. Even then I was still dragging when I got there, yawning and rubbing my eyes as I tried to pretend like I cared what was being said. :|

In addition to that exhaustion, I felt sick almost all day. Hot and cold sweats, nausea, slight headache and good god did my legs hurt. I even opted to skip lunch so that I could leave early to come home and rest for a bit before I had to do anything else.

The one important observation that I made, there are very few places at work that would be safe in the event of a zombie attack. Maybe the offices upstairs, because there's always food and the thought of throwing zombies over the rails seems really satisfying for some reason. The doors are sturdy, you'd just have to find a way to make sure that the glass is reinforced enough. I think it's bulletproof anyway, but that doesn't mean anything when you have a mob of hungry zombies pounding on the door.

Now, I'm going to take a nap. :|
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Today I was scanning invoices and we got one from Vincent Tea Company. It made me think of you because I'm a dork. Also, you'll be pleased to know that I did NOT slump over the pile of papers on my desk and take a nap. You were right, it would have been a very, very, very bad idea. The end. :3

In other news, I'm super exhausted. +_+ I guess that happens when you spend two days vomiting and not eating. I probably should have made more of an effort to eat more at lunch, but I was a little too worried about it all coming right back up. And of course, they waited until the day after recovering to tell me that I was going to be part of the new internal advertisements at the store. :| 

So now I'm going to be on camera all shiny and happy with my eyes looking totally out of focus and dark circles under them. The Disney lady appreciated my enthusiasm at least and bossu waifu just wanted me to say hello in ALL the languages since no one else was putting forth any energy. OH WELL. I checked the mirror after they recorded me and was satisfied enough, I'm just glad I felt like doing my hair this morning when I dragged myself out of bed.

The highlights of my day were nearly choking on rice at lunch because the always wonderful [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction  made me laugh too hard and finding that invoice that made me think of the equally awesome [livejournal.com profile] cavalcanti

Now...now I think I need a nap. +_+
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Decent day, even if I had a raging headache for most of it. I had a little issue an hour into work though, almost crippling pain in my side and hot flashes. It hurt so bad I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or barf. :|

Lots of really nice customers though, mostly older people that wanted the chance to just chat with someone, I think. A few crappy ones here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Except for the woman that had on leggings that had to have been at least three sizes too small. The back seam was about to burst and I guess I was making a terrible face and staring a little too much, because this very jovial Jamaican man noticed. He looked at what I was looking at and then looked at me again and started laughing as he walked away.

Lots of planning going on, but the more planning I do the more excited I get. I need to hold onto as much as I possibly can, that way I won't feel too stressed out to enjoy myself when the time comes.

Right now, I really feel like nothing can bring me down. Usually I would worry that a low is coming, but I'm happy enough just enjoying what I can. ❤

And now...idk, meme time. :|

The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme
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I keep thinking I want to do that robot unicorn meme I'm seeing around, but everytime I open a comment box for it my mind goes blank. More and more I find myself not really wanting a whole lot, besides the things that I do have manage to keep me plenty happy.

Today I went into work against my better judgment and got sent home less than four hours later. Too out of it it to function, I'm pretty sure that I passed out at my desk for ten minutes and then on the way out I almost fell down the stairs. I already gave a warning to Cindy that I probably won't be there tomorrow if this keeps up, which even after taking medicine and crashing for five hours IT IS STILL SO PERSISTENT. I don't think a miraculous recovery is likely at this point.

So lesson learned, [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction & [livejournal.com profile] cavalcanti . Next time I swear I'll listen and just stay home like you suggest. :c

There's chills to deal with right now. And food. Though, I'm not sure if I'm really hungry or not, so I guess something small will do. I already ate a crap ton of crackers when I got home to keep myself from barfing, so maybe it's time I had something else. :|
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Times like this I really do feel so lucky.  I feel like crap and somehow there's still a smile on my face.

I think tomorrow I'll stop by the store after work and pick up some yogurt. There's been much talk of it over the last couple of days and I really want some. +_+ 

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Guuuuuuh. Sudden dizziness and nausea is not the most fun thing in the world. Neither is this panicky feeling or the sudden spikes in heart rate. I think I could do without the little tickle of a cough too.

Don't do me any favours, okay, body? :|

Nothing to report other than feeling GROSS and BUUUUUUUH, so have a meme.



Have this one too, even if I don't really expect anything out of it. :| Can't fault me for trying, or something.

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I am so ready to feel well again. As it is right now I'm not even getting to enjoy the weather that we're having. 

The doctor wasn't quite sure what was wrong with me today, so instead of getting the meds I thought I was going to get I was sent to have some blood work done. I don't remember a time when it hurt so much for them to try and figure out where the best point was and even after it was a little sore when they were pulling out the needle. I'm not usually fond of having blood drawn, but today just seemed worse than all the times before.

I kind of would like to go back to bed, but I'm not sure that I want to wake up sweating like I did a few minutes ago. I'm afraid if I take everything off though I'll start freezing again.

I think I'll actually go out and see what there is to eat, maybe try and perk myself up a little. The question is whether I can find anything that I'll actually want, lately I'll eat something and realize that I want something completely different. 
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I'd like to be reclining in the den, but some little asshole is in my seat and won't get out of it, gdit.

In other news I was amused that when I got in the car the first song that came on my ipod was White Rabbit. It made me think of Sugar Pie and Kaji-chan~. Thus far it's been the highlight of my day. /o/  Though, it did remind me that there are a few things I would like to finish reading. Huhuhu.

Now I'm going to go back out into the den and try to reclaim my seat. Even if it means having to throw up on the little shit to do it.
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Funny the things that pop into your dreams when you're sick.  Though in this case it's more about the fact that people I haven't thought of in years made guest appearances in the most recent one.  I can't really say it was a bad dream or that it was entirely unwelcome, but I woke up thinking too hard.  I do find it a little discouraging that certain things seem to be so easy for my dream self.  I think if I could have held onto a little more aside from people's faces and the general premise of the dream, something would end up being a ton easier on me than it is at the moment.

It's so easy to be wonderfully eloquent when you don't have to worry about nerves or reactions or looking someone in the face.  I keep going over the things that should be said, everything that should be added all at once and trying to gauge responses.  I'm obsessing and overthinking, just like I usually do.  I don't think I would be having an issue if I could come up with the words, but there's a problem with everything that I manage to come up with.

They aren't my words.  I'll catch myself in the middle of a thought, realizing that it's borrowed from a song or some other source.  Not a surprise when I associate nearly everything with a song, but annoying none the less.  I'm beginning to think that going over things in my head isn't enough, I think I'm going to have to break out a piece of paper and start writing it out.

At least I'm feeling a little better today, that's something.  Perhaps there's hope for work tomorrow after all. +_+  I really would like to be able to do my job without having to strain myself just to talk.  Though I suppose if it comes down to it I could always request to stock or something...

Which reminds me that I still need to grab some boxes from work.  I'll be lucky if I remember that when I wake up tomorrow, though.

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Just passing the time. Or something.

If I'm not better tomorrow it will be five days of being stuck at home, here's hoping for the best. /o/ Stuff and things, stuff and things. I think I actually ran out of things I feel up to doing, so the last two hours were spent doing nothing but staring at the ceiling and pushing one of my cats off the computer chair with my foot. There was some thinking in there too, but I did my best to keep it from getting too deep. So much for that, all I ended up with was an annoyed cat and a gigantic headache. Now I'm taking another dose of Theraflu and going to bed. I have to be better by Monday afternoon so that I can actually function at work. Or at least do something that resembles it.

Have a meme. Do it. Or not.

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fjksdjskdjf   BALLS! DX

So fucking tired of being sick. D|

I was really hoping to be better by now but it seems like my body has other plans.  With my luck this is going to carry over until next week.  Just what I wanted, two to three more days of not being able to breathe properly and coughing up a lung.  What's worse is that I only had two things planned for this week and neither one of them got done.  I guess there's always sometime next week, but for one thing i'm going to have to hype myself up again.  Not such a bad thing, I suppose, but a pain nonetheless.

It doesn't help that I've been spending a majority of my time overthinking things, but I guess that isn't really anything new. Sleeping doesn't really help it because then I just have weird dreams.  Plus I can only sleep for so long before I end up laying there uncomfortably and just staring.  I don't feel much like sitting up because all the medication makes me dizzy and blah blah blah.  There are a million things that I could complain about right now, but it all seems rather stupid the more that I think about it.

And now I think I'm hungry but I'm not really all that sure.  The appetite has been coming and going, not all that surprising with how sick I've been.  The more I think on it, burritos sound really awesome but I don't really have the money to go out and get food.  Oh well, maybe when I have more money.  I waited for a month to eat the pizza I wanted, I think I could wait a week to get a burrito. +_+  I'll probably be able to taste it better when I'm well anyway~.
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There are few things that I hate more than being sick.

What's worse than laying around and feeling miserable?  Laying around a feeling miserable because something hits you in a strange way.  I hate it even more when it happens with something that really seems like it shouldn't hit you on anything that resembles a deeper level.  Right now I'm going to leave it at that and blame the fact that I'm sick and ridiculously bored.

One could be remedied, I'm sure, but it's a matter of finding the motivation and whether I feel like sitting up or not. At the moment that bed is looking awfully comfortable again, so I think that's going to to win without much of a fight.


I just went to the grocery store and bought food for a week, three large bottles of Sunny D and a six pack of bottled water.

All for under seven dollars.

Fuck yes.  That was the most AWESOME trip to the store ever!

And also the highlight of my day.
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This has not been my best day ever.

Sick sick sick and stressed.  Mostly because of work, I'm sure.

And now that I've taken a giant ibuprofen, I'm going to bed. When I first got my schedule for work I wasn't too terribly pleased that I only got one shift, but right now I'm extremely happy about it. /o/
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There I was, sleeping soundly and then BOOM!!!



I'm hoping that the sickish feeling I went to bed with is gone by the time I get up for work.  The last thing I want to do is try to focus with the way I was feeling when I first went to lay down. Dizzy and retarded is not a good way to try going through a shift. +_+  At least I won't have to call and get my schedule, I'll actually be able to look at it before I leave. Here's to hoping that I don't get scheduled for Sunday too. /o/   For some reason I'm okay working two days in a row during the week but on the weekend it feels ridiculously annoying.

Stuff and things. Stuff and things. MORE STUFF AND THINGS.  There was something else I was going to write about, but I can't really remember.  It felt important before I went to sleep, I guess not. Now to start thinking about getting back to bed~.


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