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I feel an overwhelming need to get out of this place, I just feel so...stifled right now.

baaaaawwwww hurt feelings, health concerns, blah blah blah, skip if you want )

Blah blah blah, stuff and things suck and bawwwwww.

I have good things to look forward to in just a couple weeks, I just have to remember not to let things get me too down.

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First day of work was all right. Long day was long, lots of standing and having to check people out on the register.  I was hoping they would put me on something else, but I'm getting paid for it either way. It'll probably get better once I actually have a little more time to adjust, though I know it's going to be crazy busy for the next couple of weeks. It's like Christmas, people waiting until the last minute to get costumes...

There's other things to say, but nothing that anyone else really wants to hear. Stuff and things, stuff and things. Suffice it to say that I'm ridiculously apathetic regarding some things. Just tired of a lot of it. Sick of seeing people complain when I feel that they don't have a right and even more so when they just keep going over the same shit.  Not trying to say that I'm don't do it myself, but as of late it's just hitting a boiling point.  I'm sure most have noticed the inability to keep the temper in check, I just can't wait for the day I completely lash out at someone. It's going to be amazing and I have a feeling that I already know where it might end up being directed but it doesn't really matter.

Not at the moment.

Right now I just hardly be bothered to care about much of anything.  No, there are a few things, perhaps a few people that aren't grating on my nerves at the moment but that list seems to be a rather short one.  Hopefully no one actually has to ask which category they fall under. Though, chances are if you're having doubts there's likely a good reason for it.


Short version? Don't care, don't care, don't care, really don't care. Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up.

For the rest of you? 


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