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See that picture right there? That's pretty much how I feel about the last week and a half.

I really do want to put up a more detailed post, but I'm not even sure I could express half of it properly. Let's just say for now that the vacation was awesome and I really couldn't be happier about the way that it turned out. I know at the end I wasn't really ready to go and I'm already thinking on the next venture out there. Between now and then there's possibilities to look forward to.

Though, I can't help but find it amusing that my mom really didn't want me to go to school out of state when I was first going and now that I've come back from this trip she's telling me how she kept saying initially that I should have gone to California for my Asian studies in the first place. :|  Mom logic, it never fails. ALWAYS RIGHT WHEN IT SUITS THEM! I'd like to think that I would be able to manage as much so I can actually get my degree, but that's a lot of planning and still a long ways away before I could even really think about it. We'll see. I'm sure if it comes up again she'll just tell me that she never told me to go ever.

I will admit, I really liked the things the climate did for my skin and my hair was even softer than normal. That almost makes it more tempting. Not only that, there's far more tempting and important incentives that I could think of, but one step at a time~ ❤  For now I'll just bask in this giddy and perfectly content state that I'm in.


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