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Sudden headache because of one fucking thing said, it's really fantastic. It probably wasn't even meant in a malicious way, but still the presentation was pretty messed up. I really do want to o back to school and finish, but unless I go somewhere else (where the cost of living is way too high) what I was going for just isn't going to work out here. But when I come up with an alternative that I know I can finish, that I know I'm passionate about, it's treated like I've decided on something that sounds completely ludicrous. It's not like I said I wanted to get a degree in being an astronaut-cowboy-demon hunter, so why treat it that way? Why completely downplay something important to me and make me feel like crap for even entertaining the idea. Again, probably not done on purpose, but it still hurts like hell when people are selectively supportive.

I need to stop thinking on it, my head is starting to hurt way too much.

I've been trying to come up with a new theme for my journal, but creativity is running low or something. I can't even decide on a series/image for the header even though I have a song in mind.

Sign ups went up for the holiday party at work, including sign ups for a dessert competition and another talent show. It really would be nice if other people would sign up for the show this year, make it a little more fun. I did sign up already, even if no one else has, I just need to decide on something. I'd rather choose now than waffle toward the end like I did last year.

I have other things to look forward too, though, at least it seems that way. Something that could make me the happiest I've ever been has the potential to be right around the corner. So I really should just do my best to keep my spirits up and not let the little things get to me. ❤

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Excellent day, save for the dick that almost knocked me over because he didn't like the bag policy and the bitch that thinks she's going to dispute a charge she willingly made. I don't think the credit card company is going to accept that she didn't like our return policy, but whatevs. More power to you, dumbass.

The next three days are gift shop days, most of which I think I'm going to be spending training the new girl. Only been in there a couple of weeks and it seems like everyone else is pleased with the results. Works for me so long as I don't find myself shoved out of things again to make way for the new people. At least she seems nice enough, so it's not like I'll feel like it's a hassle. She pays attention when I talk, I like that. :|

One more week until I can have some rest, which reminds me that I need to check my bank account. I need to put a little gas in my car tomorrow and I really need a haircut before I go. I may have to put some of the trip expense on the card again, just to be sure that I'm not without some spending money. I get paid again while I'm out there, but I need to hold onto some of that to make sure I can still pay my student loan and part of the bill for the card as well when I get back.

Two thoughts. I should have some Prince icons, idk why I don't have any and that's lame. Also, I think I may dream about zombies entirely too often. Neat. +_+

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Fffff. I hate worrying over work shit.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know what a liar bossu waifu is. I'm definitely doing what I can to avoid confrontation with her again, but I really don't appreciate being told that something happened when it didn't. She does have a way of trying to twist things around and if this crap that came up today comes up again I'm definitely just going to tell her to look at the camera. I can't be held responsible for something that was never even given to me, that's all on her.

I just find myself extremely paranoid over the whole thing, like it's all part of some elaborate plot to oust me out of the store completely. I wouldn't put it past her, but in ultimately I'm pretty sure that she's too stupid to actually put what I have in mind together. So long as it doesn't come up again though, I'm totally fine.

They really did cut some hours out at work but with the way that my payments work out for this and that it shouldn't be anything that I can't handle. It's fine for now anyway, that way I don't end up getting so burned out like I was getting. I think that was where I was heading when I snapped at work that day.

I'm really looking forward to October more and more, it'll be nice to get away again. I honestly did start looking into school again, but I really would have to save up a lot to at least get things set up. All of the schools I've looked at have really high tuition for out of state students, but it seems that the courses I'm interested in are so much more accessible in other places than they are here. :| 

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Today was a better day. I suppose. Something like that.

I'm still feeling ridiculously apathetic, but in the end I can't really say that I'm surprised. It's been like that for a while and it's not like that goes away easily for me~. Oh well, oh well~. I'll be fine if I can keep everything from cluttering up my head so badly...

I had some icons that I wanted to finish up tonight, but it didn't happen. This was me trying to keep myself focused after a long period of feeling completely anti-social. I just kinda laid there for a long time and stared at the ceiling, just thinking over things. Stuff and things, not really anything in particular. |3

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go down to my mom's and then Saturday is another day of work. At least it'll be a bit more of a lazy day, though I can't help but feel like I'm the one who's going to end up doing most of the work. But at least I'll be able to just chill on messenger most of the day again with my brother being off and everything.

After work I really need to get on filling out some other applications. Maybe I'll check at the mall and just look around generally. Who knows what I could find, I just know I need to find something better than just being 'on call' for the pawn shop.

This entry turned out to be much longer than I meant for it to be.

TL;DR. I don't care. I need a job.


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