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Today was so much better than yesterday, at least I didn't feel like I was going to have an asthma attack again. Still some stomach pain, but nothing that I couldn't manage to work through.

Bought some delicious butterscotch shortbread cookies at work today and shared quite a few with people, I may get another box tomorrow if we have them. They were a lot more yummy than I thought they would be.

I just have to make it two more days this week, that's all. And then I'm going to gear up for a really awesome weekend. And month. I refuse to let anything spoil this for me.

Also. Pokemon. Man, I really do hate that I signed up for this. I swear I refresh the page over and over again. I got stuck for a long time, but I think I've got it under control now. I still want more fabulous pokemon though. :|


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