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Derp, derp, derp. I meant to be getting stuff together tonight, but instead I'm sitting here on my ass and looking at icons.

The day was long even though I wasn't scheduled for very much time, it was just that I worked my ass off. Haha, ass ass ass.

I swear, I'm so fucking giddy and excited about next week it's almost ridiculous. I've been having a really hard time getting my words out though, my brain moving too fast for my mouth. Today I was trying to say that zombies can't drive cars because they don't possess the motor skills, but it came out as zombies can't drive skills. And hahaha, I just realized how much funnier that was. Can't DRIVE because they have no MOTOR skills. Oh god, I kill myself sometimes.

Speaking of zombies, majority of my dreams lately have been made up of zombies and Doctor Who. Though, I have to say the strangest was the one where I woke up knowing full well that Doctor Who and How I Met Your Mother had somehow melded into one show. I think it was neat, but I can't be too sure.

And now back to something and something and nothing at all.

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Excellent day, save for the dick that almost knocked me over because he didn't like the bag policy and the bitch that thinks she's going to dispute a charge she willingly made. I don't think the credit card company is going to accept that she didn't like our return policy, but whatevs. More power to you, dumbass.

The next three days are gift shop days, most of which I think I'm going to be spending training the new girl. Only been in there a couple of weeks and it seems like everyone else is pleased with the results. Works for me so long as I don't find myself shoved out of things again to make way for the new people. At least she seems nice enough, so it's not like I'll feel like it's a hassle. She pays attention when I talk, I like that. :|

One more week until I can have some rest, which reminds me that I need to check my bank account. I need to put a little gas in my car tomorrow and I really need a haircut before I go. I may have to put some of the trip expense on the card again, just to be sure that I'm not without some spending money. I get paid again while I'm out there, but I need to hold onto some of that to make sure I can still pay my student loan and part of the bill for the card as well when I get back.

Two thoughts. I should have some Prince icons, idk why I don't have any and that's lame. Also, I think I may dream about zombies entirely too often. Neat. +_+


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