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Birthdate:Mar 14

☠ Ya'll Know Who I Am ☠
Sonia, Soniadistic, Kamisaurus Rex, Raptor Jesus, Nancy Killian-Bomber, Asshole

☠ It's All About Me ☠
Narcissist to the extreme, I'm totally in love with myself. Cursing is fucking awesome and I'm always serious business except for when I'm not. Fangirling about random crap is likely to happen and being vague is almost as fun as doing this other thing.

☠ Fuck Yeah ☠
Sugar Pie, myself, pretty boys & girls, rp, juice, asian studies, japanese, being an ass, music, me, movies, art, comics, my cats, my computer, myself, manipulation, symmetry, beer, sharp objects, sex, giraffes, myself, video games and probably a million other things that would take too long to list.

☠ Fuck You ☠
People with low self-confidence, racists, idiocy, probably you, being bored, people trying to tell me I'm wrong, ugly things, typos, cleaning, bad reception on television, not having a pen handy, most people, math and giggly teenage girls.

☠ Stuff and things ☠

[info]iam_the Akio Ohtori of LiveJournal.
[info]i_am_theElliot March of LiveJournal.

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