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There are few things that I hate more than being sick.

What's worse than laying around and feeling miserable?  Laying around a feeling miserable because something hits you in a strange way.  I hate it even more when it happens with something that really seems like it shouldn't hit you on anything that resembles a deeper level.  Right now I'm going to leave it at that and blame the fact that I'm sick and ridiculously bored.

One could be remedied, I'm sure, but it's a matter of finding the motivation and whether I feel like sitting up or not. At the moment that bed is looking awfully comfortable again, so I think that's going to to win without much of a fight.


I just went to the grocery store and bought food for a week, three large bottles of Sunny D and a six pack of bottled water.

All for under seven dollars.

Fuck yes.  That was the most AWESOME trip to the store ever!

And also the highlight of my day.
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Called my mom earlier to tell her that I wasn't coming down until tomorrow, that way I could see my nephews too.  She and I had a decent conversation about the election results, though the first half of the call she sounded grumpy as all hell.  I think at first she thought I was going to rub it in her face that McCain lost, but that really wouldn't have been the thing to do. Whether or not I voted for him, he fought the good fight and it's not really right to disrespect someone because of who they chose as their candidate. 

After that I rolled over and went back to sleep for a while, though I can't say that I slept very well. Weird dreams again and then waking up off and on to ponder over things, as if I'm going to come to some sort of conclusion regarding everything.  I finally made myself get up to do some of my laundry and eat something for lunch, but even now I find myself contemplating sleep again.  Perhaps after this movie is done...

At least I won't actually have to clean off my bed, that will be a welcome change.


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