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Fuwaaaaa, I really feel like I want to write a big entry about last week and all the fun stuffu that was done but there's just so much to talk about.

Suffice it to say it was awesome, though I know that was because of the company I had.

I really wasn't ready to come home, I wish I had a way to make things more permanent right away but I know that's asking a lot. I'll just wait and hope for something sooner than later, as always I'll be happy with what I can get.

Now if I could shake this sickness I might be able to adjust to being home again a little more easily. I had such a good time and I wanted to stay so badly that now that I'm here a lot of little things are irritating me. Though, I don't think it helps being sick and that monthly punishments decided this was the best time to show up too. OH WELL.

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Excellent, just a few more days before it's time to go.

So many plans and things I'm looking forward to. The company, Disney, Knotts, the great hair adventure. Tuesday can't get here quickly enough.

Managed to get an Axe travel set from wal-mart, it'll be better in the long run to have the small amounts. That way I don't have to worry about shoving the larger things into my suitcase and I won't have to worry about things exploding on me once I get back too.

One more day of work and then Sunday I really need to start getting things put together, write out my list so I don't forget anything. Phone charger, gps stuff, pajamas and all that good stuff. I'll try not to leave stuff behind at the hotel this time around too.

Double checked on the schedule at the hair place, Sunday I'll definitely be going to get my haircut before I go. It's really too difficult to do anything with right now. I really would like to try something different, but everything I look for ends up seeming more like a fauxhawk than anything and I'm not positive I could pull it off. Still going to be bold and do my whole head with the silver, but I should get the red just in case it doesn't go as planned.

Monday we may be going with my nephews to do something fun, I think I'll be hoping that the aquarium idea wins out. We went to the zoo before and it doesn't look like anyone else really wants to go see the Bodies thing as much as I do, plus it's a little on the expensive side...so fish and things work for me just as well. :|

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So hahaha, I was totally going to try and stay until six today, but yeah that didn't happen.

About 4:30 I was just too exhausted to keep going and decided that maybe it was just best to come home. Only halfway through my burger did I realise that I totally hadn't eaten all day, so I really need to keep on top of that. You'd think with as sick as I get I wouldn't ever forget to eat, but it still happens and I'm not quite sure why.

At least most of it went by quickly enough, I just have to remember to keep myself busy and it really shouldn't be so bad. Saw lots of cute things that I really would like to have, but I definitely don't need them. All of my money is better spent on my upcoming trip and for things that I actually need to pay for.

I really just want it to be October already, this month is dragging on so long and I hate it. Nothing I can do but keep on keepin' on~

Best part of the day so far is the fact that it's grey and rainy. It smells so nice and I just love the atmosphere on days like this, I really hope it carries over until tomorrow. X3

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Got my new phone today, it's pretty nice so far. I think I lost a few of the convenience features on this one that I had on the last one, but I'll manage. I JUST REALLY LOVE THE TINY KEYBOARD, EVEN IF IT'LL TAKE SOME GETTING USED TO.

[livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction is already putting some of our plans for October into motion and it just keeps getting more and more exciting the closer it gets. Once I get my check this week I need to look at paying some of the AmEx off and perhaps look into some of the Halloween Haunt tickets, see if it's better to buy them online beforehand or wait until she has a chance to check out the coupons at Burger King.

We'll see, we'll see~

All I know is this is what I'm looking forward to the most right now. *^*

Watched up last night and found myself getting very emotional over certain parts, possibly more so because I've been so sick. It turned out to be really good and I'm sad that it took me so long to see it, same with Planet 51.

I also watched all of the Monster High stuff they have out and it's so cute. I really want the dolls, they're so adorable. ;a;

I didn't want to call in today, but the way I was practically hacking up a lung. Tomorrow is the first day in the gift shop, so we'll see how that ends up going.

I use a lot of old man icons. Maybe it's because I'm an old man. idek.


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