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Aug. 9th, 2008 08:15 am
dalekpatronus: (Bleach - Heeeee~)


Wow. Disaster already. :|

Jim forgot the key to the office. So I had to crawl through THIS window to get back there so that he could get the combination for the big safe. :| WAY TO GO, MAN. WAY TO GO.

I also feel very compelled to write a blues song now. The title would have to be "Fat Ass Woman And Her Yappy Dog". Including such lyrics as:

Fat ass woman and her yappy dog, comin' in before we turn the sign.
Fat ass woman and her yappy dog, lookin' at rings and wastin' mah time~~.

:| I'm sure you'll see more before the day is through.

Also there's something really special about making jokes about necrophiliac cockroaches. |DDD


And apparently I'm needed on Monday again too. Buuuuu. This is not my favourite thing ever, I really need to find another job so that I don't have to fill in all the time. I don't mind if there's a legitimate reason, but people leaving early for baseball games? Not such a good reason to me. Bah, I guess I shouldn't complain. It's money and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. :| I think my mom made an appointment for me to go to the chiropractor sometime this week, but I can't remember when. Let's hope it wasn't on Monday. |DDD

It's thundering like no one's business and every time it goes the lights flicker. |DD HUR. I almost want everything to go out so that maybe we won't have to do anything. LAZY SONIA IS LAZY.


;alwekgjwkel;gj. I typed that and hit save and then my computer died and the light went out. |DD Just mine though. How special~.


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