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Delicious meats!

At least I got some dinner out of all that nonsense today. Admittedly, I was probably more of a jerk about it this morning that I should have been but I really just didn't want to go. Though, I have to say I still found it interesting that my mom took my lack of enthusiasm personally and made a big stink about it.

Tomorrow might be a pretty awesome day, considering that I may end up having the house all to myself. If that's the case then I really might just sleep until I wake up and then spend the afternoon watching movies on the big screen. I'll keep my fingers crossed, because I really do enjoy having days where no one bothers me at all.

In a little bit here I think I might just go take a shower, I feel all gross from being out there.

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Rain is absolutely delightful and smells so wonderful.

I think the only thing that will make this better is having a nice shower and actually going outside. I was thinking about running up to Hastings to get a book and a few things to watch, so we'll see about that after I finally pull myself away from my seat and get into that shower.

Despite everything that went on when I worked at the other store, I'm thinking about seeing what the hiring situation is up at this one. There's the possibility that working at Party City might become more of an issue now that something has been said to the manager there. I'm waiting until tomorrow to call and get my schedule though, just so if there is a problem someone else can tell me about it and not that stupid cunthole.

But yes, really, shower. That sounds delicious right now.


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