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sfsjdlfjsdkjdsfdf. see icon, this face forever.

Last minute crunch, I can't remember if I've forgotten to pack anything at all or not. I still have one more day to pull things together and a million other things that need to be done as well.

I need to secure the rest of the decorations tomorrow, try to fix the grim reaper and actually set up the timers the way I was supposed to today. I think we're going to the aquarium with my nephews as well, but that still remains to be seen.

Didn't get my haircut like I wanted today, as it turned out someone was misinformed about the days that he would be in so it's looking like if he's not there tomorrow I'm not getting one before I do. Which would be absolutely wretched, considering that it's really getting so ridiculous to deal with. Today I didn't even bother putting product, despite it looking...strange.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought a few things. Some greatly needed socks, a couple of halloween themed shirts that I didn't need and cat food that we did need. Probably should have actually gotten the cat litter, but I think my mom can handle that this time around.

But stuff, stuff, stuff and things. I've also got to remember to see about checking in for the flight in advance, that way I can just head for the gate once I get there in the morning on Tuesday. Probably should make sure my mom is still actually going to take me too, I keep forgetting to ask and I'm pretty sure she was kidding when she told me that was too early in the morning for her to go. :|

just dslkfjsdklfjsdklfjsdlfjsdlfjsdlfkj. I should put a pain patch on my neck while I sleep, I'm all wound up and it hurts. aaaaaaaaa.

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Goddamn, today was so much more annoying than it needed to be. I woke up in a really good mood and then once I got to work it was just like pfffffft, auto deflate or something. Idk, maybe it was just the fact that I was told a bunch of bullshit before any of it really needed to be said.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and more relaxing, provided that things get back to normal.

Just a few more days. Everyone at work keeps asking me if I'm excited about my trip and I really am. Already trying to plan out things, but more I'm just looking forward to the company I'll be keeping. That's mostly what the whole thing is about anyway, the chance to have more time.

Still really need gas in my car. Still really need a haircut. Today I got so fed up with my hair that I just pushed the part over a little farther than it usually falls and slapped so much product into it not even the wind could move it. Sometimes I really hate the fact that my hair is naturally curly, I really enjoy most of the styles more suited for people with straight hair so much more.

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The day was mostly good, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed to hear that cleaning my aunt's piece of shit house this weekend is more important than a goddamn yearly tradition.

So yeah, right now it looks like it's just going to be my nephews and I decorating for halloween. And by that I mean they'll work until they get bored or lose interest and I'll end up doing most of it on my own. Not that I mind, it's just a really big set up for one person to do by themselves.

Oh well, I should just worry more about getting things in order for my trip. Last month went by so slowly and now this month feels like it's just going by quickly. Nothing wrong with that, it just means I get to go and have fun a little faster. Now if that week could go by slowly I would be okay with that.

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Ffff. It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to use the credit card for some things during the trip. I still have to pay part of the credit card before the tenth, pay for my student loan and half of the deductible for the damage to the truck from the last trip. I mean, I can do it and I think most of the money I get from the next check could pay for trip and fun stuff.

We'll see. I think I'll wait until the last possible minute to pay for the card, that way I can hold onto some of this from the last two checks. That way I'm only out 180 for the loan and the deductible.

Three days off and hopefully next week things will be a little back to normal? I don't mind the gift shop, it's more the cut in hours I'm upset about.

Other than that, things are feeling pretty awesome right now. No one is really bugging me too much and I'm generally happy despite being sick. It's definitely nice feeling this way. Definitely, definitely~

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Day full of stuff. Some good and some bad. I think I did too much, running around all over the place after just barely feeling more like myself. Now I just feel awful again and don't want to do anything other than sit or sleep.

I bought some stuff that I needed, more shampoo and gel and dye for my touchups. I'm trying to figure out what colour I want to do my little streak, the purple keeps fading into this weird aqua and everyone takes note when it does. Maybe this time I'll really just try for the white again, we'll see.

Finally got some Burger King too and it was delicious. Mom and I had some good conversations about all kinds of stuff and then I realised that I probably need to find my bioplast earrings to wear on the plane in October. Like hell I'm going to let them take jewelry away because it's too pointy or something retarded like that. Plus they would be a bitch to take out at the scanners and then put back in. Unless I make it a point to take them out ahead of time, but the plastic would really be so much easier to deal with. I could just change them after landing or something.

Found out that my nephew is no longer the sensitive boy that he used to be, he's turning into a hateful person and it actually hurt quite a bit to realise this. I know when trying to express my feelings on it to my mom I started crying because I should have known he would end up like this, but I guess there's just no stopping it at this point. It was more disappointing than anything, I suppose, knowing that he used to be a good kid and now he's just...he says terrible things that I would expect to hear out of people that are completely ignorant.

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It always feels awkward when that feeling creeps up in the midst of a happy moment.

I suppose it's really just something to be dealt with since I can't muster up the courage to actually get it off my chest, it really doesn't last all that long though. The good really does outweigh the bad by leaps and bounds, so in the end there really isn't anything to complain about at all.

Though, I do have to wonder how much of it is my being scared that it all just might be suddenly lost or taken away if I never take that step.  Or that if I do, I'll end up ruining something that was already spectacular.  It's all a little silly, I suppose, but when I think on it I'm really not sure that I've ever truly felt so invested in something like this.

Now that I'm done with that, I really need to start focusing on more planning. Otherwise things could end up being more stressful than necessary, time really is going by so fast but that's not a bad thing at all.
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Decent day, even if I had a raging headache for most of it. I had a little issue an hour into work though, almost crippling pain in my side and hot flashes. It hurt so bad I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or barf. :|

Lots of really nice customers though, mostly older people that wanted the chance to just chat with someone, I think. A few crappy ones here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Except for the woman that had on leggings that had to have been at least three sizes too small. The back seam was about to burst and I guess I was making a terrible face and staring a little too much, because this very jovial Jamaican man noticed. He looked at what I was looking at and then looked at me again and started laughing as he walked away.

Lots of planning going on, but the more planning I do the more excited I get. I need to hold onto as much as I possibly can, that way I won't feel too stressed out to enjoy myself when the time comes.

Right now, I really feel like nothing can bring me down. Usually I would worry that a low is coming, but I'm happy enough just enjoying what I can. ❤

And now...idk, meme time. :|

The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme
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I was going to put up a report of the trip today, but I still feel too tired.  I barely made it up to feed myself leftover pizza and clean cat litter. :|  The cat litter that I should have done last night, but I didn't have the energy to get back up and get dressed. I think a week with my family is too exhausting. Maybe I should only agree to a few days the next time. There wasn't nearly enough ME time.

In the end I think I'm going to finish this food, watch a bit more TV and then pass out again. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it to the post office and the bank. Maybe, maybe~.


Here is that doujinshi I promised you. :3 This one is actually scanlated but at least you can read it~.

And here is the other one that I mentioned too. \o/
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So I guess I don't have to work tomorrow, which is just as well. I'll probably end up going home tonight and at least taking a nap as I'm exhausted and still feel like shit. I was so close to calling this morning and telling my brother that I wasn't going to be able to make it in, but I managed in the end.

Now I just can't decide if it was being sick that contributed to my mood or if my mood is what made me sick. Such a conundrum, but I don't really care to think about it anymore than is necessary~.

All I care about really is that I'm in good shape when we leave for Florida. I asked my brother today if he knew whether there was internet where we were staying but he knew NOSSING. So I might try to call my sister-in-law later to try and get it figured out. I'm going to end up taking the laptop anyway, if only to make sure that my iPod can stay charged. I just know I won't be taking my external, so I'll have to remember to set up some playlists for sleeping...

I'm still trying to get the amazon funds to transfer over, that better happen before we leave. Otherwise I'll have sold all of my precious books for nothing. :c That right there is $140 for the trip and then whatever I'm making for working here the couple of days. Then when we get back is the epic hunt for a new job. \o/ I'm sure it really will be epic too.

On another note, I really wish some of these people would learn how to brush their teeth. There's nothing more disgusting than having someone flash you a smile only to show you a bunch of rotten teeth. orz.


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Okay. I'm still really sleepy and very sore from the trip. So I may or may not stay awake long. |D But I figure since I'm already sitting here I may as well at least try to give an update of the trip. Just because I can. And I'm sure there are TONS of you out there that really care about everything that I did. :|

THEN I GOT HOME. And there was much talk about faggotry between Kate, Katie and I. :|  I think you had to be there to really appreciate it. I still laugh every time I look over at my calendar and see 'Fag Forest' in big letters.
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After breakfast we'll be on our way home. 

Also, my brother's computer screen is AMAZING. :| 


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Okay. Packing is totally done. :|

I have to be at my mom's in less than two hours. I thought about a nap, but then I wouldn't wake up on time.



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Buuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I woke up too early again. :|

Oh well, at least it will be a pleasant surprise for my mom when I actually show up early for things today. I need to do a bunch of crap before we can leave tomorrow.

One of which will be a nap. I'll need one.

I still need to go get some cat food so that my babies have something to eat while I'm gone. :3 I figure if I fill up their little silo thing and give them an extra bowl of food no one will have to brave the danger of my room.

So things I definitely need to do today?

Get my haircut.
Buy cat food.
Go to Walgreens. :| For some reason. I can't really remember why though.
Buy energy drinks.


Mostly because I'll have to pack when I get home. And we all know how much fun packing can be.

I should probably check the weather over there too. If I can remember that.


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