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It's always something of mine Domino's manages to fuck up. :|

Brought the wrong pizza, dropped my pizza, forgot my soda. Just once I'd like them to screw something up on my dad's order so that he actually has something to complain about.

I was going to stay home today, but in the end I decided that I would be better off down here at my mom's even though she's sick. I figure if I'm not sick yet and most everyone else has gotten it then I'm probably going to be fine. No sense in avoiding if I've gone this long without catching THE DISEASE.

Still feeling a little off, but maybe that'll be fixed later. Kind of grumpy at the moment though, mostly because of the soda fuck up. That and the fact that I was scheduled to work on the two days that I really would have like to have off. D| I'm really thinking about changing my availability so that I can't work on Sundays any more, but that would be kind of crappy of me. My mom was trying to tell me that it was a compliment of sorts, but I fail to see how that works. To me it just means that no one else wants to work on Sunday either. :|

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It seems silly to be upset over something like this, but seriously, not even cool. It's very rare that I get ice cream because it usually makes me so sick.  The banana split kind that I bought? Doesn't have that sort of effect on me at all unless I eat way too much at a time.

One. Small. Bowl.


I think I'm done now, excuse me while I go rummage around in my mom's cabinet for food that I can actually eat. >:|  


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