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Made it out to the bar last night to watch the UFC fight and then went back to Russell's apartment.  It was mostly sitting around and watching people play games, then someone put on Step Brothers.  I ended up liking that a lot more than I would have thought, though that really could have been the beer.  During the night I had quite a few nice discussions with people I hadn't really ever talked to at great length, that's good for me too.  Now if I could just get out more often and not be a chickenshit about it things would be fine, I think.  There was some talk of doing something for the new year, but there's nothing solid on that yet.  So...



★ I learned new things about some of my friends.  Things that never would have occurred to me, but when looking back some of it actually makes sense.

★ BONDING. :D  It's just a matter of branching out a little and not sticking completely to the people that you know the best. |D 

Now I'm hungry. +_+  I think perhaps I'll venture out for some food!

If I can bring myself to actually get dressed. :| 


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