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Today is a sickish sort of day so I took the opportunity to actually catch up on all the things I was behind in. Really, I could just make a huge post fangirling about each and everything that I watched and read today but I think that would just take far too much effort. SO BULLETS AND INCOMPLETE THOUGHTS FTW.

Mifune strikes me as being totally pedoriffic, but somehow manages to STAY AWESOME
organized shelves are totally conducive to health, I couldn't agree with that more
dkfjdkljgg GUH JADE
★ cowtits and catfights

The end.

I think I had more to say but I forgot already~. Now back to reading more Black Cat and possibly transferring some of my things into one of my bigger bags so I can take it to work on Monday. In other words,  taking my buttons off of one bag so that I can rearrange them nicely on another. \o/ HOW'S THAT FOR A GRAND WASTE OF TIME?!


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