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Today was not nearly as good as yesterday, but all in all I can't say that it was awful.  I spent most of the day just lounging around and watching movies, just as planned.  I had a headache for a majority of the day though. D|  It was so heinous that even two doses of headache medication didn't do anything for it.  After a while I thought maybe it was because I didn't eat enough but even a huge dinner didn't help.

I did use my quesadilla maker when I first got to my mom's and I was ever so pleased with the outcome. +_+  I made a breakfast quesadilla with some eggs, chile and cheese. IT WAS AMAZING.  Then I sat down and read an article in one of my mom's magazines about Van Gogh.  It was all stuff I had read before, but it was a good little article anyway.  After that was the blunder of the day, something good AND something bad all rolled into one.

I've been looking to get a new phone for the last few months, I would have liked to get one when it broke a little while back but I wasn't elegible for an upgrade then. So today I was looking at the Verizon site and found that they had a lot of the good phones on sale.  I found one that I liked that was only 20 dollars with the upgrade and the contract renewal, so I told my mom I was going to get it before the price changed again.  The last three phones I chose went up in price everytime I went back to check on them, so I wasn't going to pass up the deal on this one.  So I ordered it after checking my bank account.  There wasn't another word about until after we finished one of our movies and I got something of a guilt trip over it.  I got annoyed over that but I managed to shrug off after a bit, I think maybe all the movies in combination with the headache helped with that.  

Tomorrow is another day and I'm hoping for something to do later in the evening.  Maybe I'll prod at some people when the afternoon rolls around and see.  It won't get me anywhere just sitting around and hoping, have to be active active active. /o/




★ Ate an awesome quesadilla. :| 

★ Ordered a new phone that I'm still super excited about.  No hassle with the store to deal with, just the waiting for it to be shipped.


Every time I see the commercial for Valkyrie all I can think of is how STUPID Tom Cruise looks in an eye patch. :| 


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