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So last week in an effort to stay a little warmer at night I switched the way that I set up my bed, moving my pillows down where I usually had my feet.

Since then I've been dreaming every night, some of them just a little wackier than others. Most of them I can't even remember, but last night was one of the more special ones. I dreamed that [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction and I were hanging out with a friend, I don't even remember who the friend was but that's not really important. She went off to do something else, so I took the opportunity to get snuggly on the couch because I could and I wanted to be comfortable and then this couple just comes at us out of nowhere.

All of a sudden this blond woman has a broken broomstick to my chest and she's trying to stake me, yelling over and over THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH! XO Then it was less about me being gay and she was acting more like I was a vampire, so I wasn't quite sure why she was trying to stake me in the first place, but then it really did turn out that it was because I was so gay.

Anyway, after that she backed off and all of a sudden we were having to explain what happened to all these little black children what had happened. Even though I wasn't even really sure what was going on. And that's when I woke up because my manager was calling to 'remind' me about the meeting she had never told me we were having in the first place.

The day at work was mostly good, save for the creepy guys that made it a point to ask every single girl in the vicinity of the customer service desk what would be best to help with their sex lives. They were really something I could have done without. At least I managed to escape before they tried to get too personal with me, I thank god that my bladder decided it couldn't hold out any longer. Too bad they made Tanya feel like she had to huddle behind the desk to get away from them. It just made it more difficult because they were...polite in a creepy way? I don't even know how to explain it.


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