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I knew if yesterday was awesome today was destined to be crappy.

Slammed at work and given more mundane, repetitive work that made my wrists scream in pain. Nevermind the fucking huge headache I ended up with because I had to wait so long to take my lunch break today. :| 

I guess it certainly could have been worse, most definitely could have.

Highlights of my day:

Young telling me that he would be happy to let me punch him in the face, that it was squishy and he'd really be okay with it. Apparently he really would have been because he asked me two times AFTER I told him I was going to punch him if I still wanted to.

Bossu's waifu slapped me on the ass. Just stood there, stared at me for a moment before she did it and then just walked off.

I just...don't even know. :| 


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