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Sometimes it's really nice just to have time on my own. Got to wake up when I was ready to wake up, then I spent the afternoon watching instamovies on the wii in the den.

Only downside today was the fact that I wasn't able to fix the fan on my extra computer. It's been making this godawful noise when it starts working, to the point that I just can't use it the computer is vibrating so much. I tried cleaning it out, making sure there wasn't anything stuck in there but it just keeps on making the noise. I figure it's about time to get another one though, considering how old it was when I got it.

Maybe I'll get another one when I have a little more money, but we'll see. For right now I'll settle for not having a stationary computer and just move around the one that usually stays on the desk. Only downside is that I'll more than likely have to use the touchpad all the time, but at least I can still have the computer with me when I'm in the other rooms.

I think I was dreaming about Disneyworld, but I can't really recall. I think there were zombies too, but that's nothing new.

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The good news is that my external hard drive still works.

The bad news is that I'm going to have to go buy another power source for it. D|

I'm thinking about looking into another storage option, just so I don't have another night like that.  Initially I was so upset that I made myself ill, after that it was just numbness and an awful headache.

A headache that never really went away apparently, because I'm sitting here and hoping that my medicine is going to kick in before I have to leave for work in ten minutes.

While I did manage to fix the air conditioner on my side of the house, now I'm pretty sure that the one on my mom's side is leaking. I would have told her, but that's a lot of shit I don't want to deal with right before I have to go to work. I'll say something about it in the morning and probably fix it then too. Or Saturday, even though the plans to find a new power source are tentatively set for then.

Thank go these closing shifts go by quickly enough, I'm not sure I would have been able to deal with opening at all.


Nevermind, I think it completely died as soon as I finished making this entry. NEAT.  We'll see how it acts when I get home. orz
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So apparently the Crack Whore that lives next to my mom got a new computer.

She wants to pay me $40 dollars to set up her computer for her AND she wants to give me her old printer too.


Man, I should feel bad about hating her so much, but I don't. Especially not when she just walks into my mom's unannounced. orz.
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Yay for amusing conversation time. :|

So my mom was making labels for some business cards. Things to advertise the jewelry she makes for when she and dad are actually on the road. The only problem was that she misspelled jewelry and necklaces.

Me: Mom, you need to know that you spelled 'jewelry' wrong.
Mom: Oh? How did I spell it?
Me: Jewlery.
Mom: Huh...
Me: And necklaces.
Mom: What did I do there?
Me: Necklesses...
Mom: Shit...
Me: I gotta be honest mom, I see these mistakes and the only image that comes to mind is you selling neck-less Rabbis out of the back of your truck...
Mom: .......I hate you.

She also misspelled 'gooseneck' but that's beside the point.

Still feeling sick today, but definitely better than yesterday. \o/ At least the irritation in my throat isn't anywhere near as bad as it was yesterday.

In other news I think I'm getting closer to convincing my mom to get me a new computer. She actually asked today without being prompted how much it would cost each month if we went through their financing. This is a good sign~.


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