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Went shopping today in an attempt to find one or two more pairs of jeans to wear for work and came back with things that I absolutely didn't need.

Bought another gun for Elliot at a thrift store that already had a crap ton of brand new Halloween stuff out. Two dollars isn't bad and no shipping, so at least I have a replacement for the one that broke at Fanime. There was a lot of other cool stuff that I wanted, but I need to save money for October. I need book everything tonight too if I can. I already convinced mom that using the card is best because I can pay it all off before the end of next month anyway. I realized that I really still want an Indiana Jones hat. I may have to break down and actually buy one that's wearable on a regular basis. My mom also quashed some woman's attempt to shoplift too, I was all ready to be heroic if it came to that. It was very exciting and then I got bored and paid more attention to the costumes.

Also bought a picture frame with giraffes on it. It even came with a real picture of some teenagers that I'll probably just shove somewhere and keep. I think it's sad to throw away pictures of real people. Even sadder that people would just get rid of something like that without taking the picture out first. Someone must have been pissed or something.

Then walgreens had the Halloween candy out already so I bought some orange marshmallow pumpkins and a candy that was in a Chinese take out box. It's like...gummy noodles and eyeballs or something ridiculous. God, I love Halloween. It's when all the super gross candy comes out that I just can't resist. :|

At any rate, I never got the pants. I did get a few things that I actually needed. Mostly some more deodorant and body spray since it was on sale, I very briefly considered trying some Old Spice just for a change but it was more expensive. Maybe on a time that it actually happens to be on sale I'll try it.

I need to remember to look at drugstores in California too when I go back out there. [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction said that they carried Sunsilk products pretty regularly and we don't even have it in the stores here now. The only thing I can find is shampoo at work and it's all East Indian product and totally not what I'm looking for.

All in all it turned out to be a good day, just kind of going from store to store and hanging out with my mom. :3

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Next goal? To fill it with as many fabulous and functional looking things as possible!


Been marathoning Doctor Who, by tonight I'll be all caught up and I'll probably have gone back and watched some of my favourites again. Though, I have a lot of the serials that I haven't watched in a long time sitting on my instamovies queue, so maybe I'll start one of those. +_+ WE'LL SEE.
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Today really turned out amazingly awesome. The two problems were absent at work so I was actually able to relax just a little and feel a bit more like myself. No headaches. No bitchy women that make me consider the merits of pushing them down the stairs. Just a bunch of awesome people that I usually enjoy dealing with.

Got home and took a short nap, ate a nice dinner and then pretty much just sat and fucked around on plurk all evening.

Speaking of which, I have one of those now. So it's here if anyone happens to want it. And if they don't, it's still there anyway. SO THERE.

I'm counting down the days at this point until August 6th, my mom keeps reminding me of all the things that need to be done before then but even all that work doesn't seem so bad. It'll definitely be worth it.
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I feel like I had something terribly profound to write when I opened this up, but as I sit here and stare at it I realize that I've practically got nothing.

Work was good, a few bumpy spots here and there with the potential to get worse. Though, I think in the long run it'll be okay.

I have to say I'm pleased with things in general, more so with that nice feeling I've been going to bed and waking up with. It's nice having that feeling that even if I have a shitty day I know things are going to be fine in the long run. Even better having things to really look forward to, having a lot of hope for what's to come. There were always little things to look forward to, of course, but the feeling is just even better now.

I actually meant for a nap when I got home, but maybe a little later. If at all. We'll see, we'll see~ Depends on whether this headache ever goes away or not, I guess.
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See that picture right there? That's pretty much how I feel about the last week and a half.

I really do want to put up a more detailed post, but I'm not even sure I could express half of it properly. Let's just say for now that the vacation was awesome and I really couldn't be happier about the way that it turned out. I know at the end I wasn't really ready to go and I'm already thinking on the next venture out there. Between now and then there's possibilities to look forward to.

Though, I can't help but find it amusing that my mom really didn't want me to go to school out of state when I was first going and now that I've come back from this trip she's telling me how she kept saying initially that I should have gone to California for my Asian studies in the first place. :|  Mom logic, it never fails. ALWAYS RIGHT WHEN IT SUITS THEM! I'd like to think that I would be able to manage as much so I can actually get my degree, but that's a lot of planning and still a long ways away before I could even really think about it. We'll see. I'm sure if it comes up again she'll just tell me that she never told me to go ever.

I will admit, I really liked the things the climate did for my skin and my hair was even softer than normal. That almost makes it more tempting. Not only that, there's far more tempting and important incentives that I could think of, but one step at a time~ ❤  For now I'll just bask in this giddy and perfectly content state that I'm in.
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Despite crippling pain most of the day, it turned out to be better than I would have expected. A generally relaxed sort of day at work, even though I feel like I got a lot done. I bought some soup mix that I want to make tomorrow night for dinner, Potato Leek. Really simple, but it sounded so delicious and I just really wanted it. 

A-and then, then I came home to a package. I was so stoked to see that my wig for my Elliot cosplay had arrived. I still need to try and style it some, but the colour is just so slkdfjfsdf perfect  and the cut of it...I really don't feel like I have to do much with it at all. *^* I need to decide just what I'm going to do as a second cosplay, if anything at all and I still have some minor alterations to make to Elliot's stuff too. 

Just about two weeks left to plan and stuff and s;dlkfdsfjdslkfj. So much left to do, it seems like. I did get my new schedule for work today, at least for the next week, anyway. Gained a few extra hours AND made it to where I could go in a little later. Maybe I'll be able to actually sleep the right amount, though I seem to be back to the bad habit of getting four hours or less and still managing to function.

The dreams this week have been....extra special, not in a funny sense but in a...well, I'm not quite sure how I feel about them, honestly. I guess it's not all that important, not unless they keep going the way they have been. 
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Yesterday was incredibly crappy. Not the whole day mind you, but two hours of shit are enough to make someone want to bash their head against the wall.

Today? Today is awesome.

Went to work and got to leave early so that I could go and pick up the cake for mom's birthday. It was a nice surprise for her to see me home early without warning.  I also got my tax money in and paid for my blood work, even after giving some to mom and paying for my student loan I'll still have plenty left over.  Enough to get things started and set my great plan in motion. Still lots of things to be thought on and discussed, but there's still some time.

We're supposed to go to dinner later on, but I was so hungry by the time I got home that I couldn't handle it. So I made a quesadilla and thoroughly enjoyed it while chattering away at the ever adorable [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction. So far that has truly been the highlight of my day. ❤

Also, Dude, Sammy, Sammy, SammyBoBammy! Where are you when I need you most?!  Doing something awesome no doubt, like I should even wonder. :| 
Today was really just too awesome.

I was in an awesomely good mood, time just flew by and I had a ridiculous amount of energy. It took me a while to come up with the word to describe my mood, but it finally came to me.

Giddy. That is absolutely the only word that could even come close.

Work was awesome. Lunch was awesome. Tonight was awesome.


I seriously spent half of the day at work just typing shit in and singing along with my music, cracking jokes with Cynthia and Kia, just being generally happy.

Amazing how little things can put me into such a mood, I'm sure I know exactly where it came from.  Even now I'm so exhausted I'm practically falling all over myself, but still I can't wipe this smile from my face.
I went to bed with severe pain in my knees, but despite that I went to bed happy.

And then I woke up happy, even though it's ridiculously early.

Really hope this feeling carries throughout the day, there's something extremely nice about it.
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Rain is absolutely delightful and smells so wonderful.

I think the only thing that will make this better is having a nice shower and actually going outside. I was thinking about running up to Hastings to get a book and a few things to watch, so we'll see about that after I finally pull myself away from my seat and get into that shower.

Despite everything that went on when I worked at the other store, I'm thinking about seeing what the hiring situation is up at this one. There's the possibility that working at Party City might become more of an issue now that something has been said to the manager there. I'm waiting until tomorrow to call and get my schedule though, just so if there is a problem someone else can tell me about it and not that stupid cunthole.

But yes, really, shower. That sounds delicious right now.
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All things considered today went really well. +_+

Mom hasn't gotten out of surgery yet, but I'm hoping to hear about that soon. I may go down for a nap until someone really needs to get ahold of me though.

Work was work and I loaded myself up on caffeine just so I could function a little better. In the end I think it was a bad idea considering how jittery I got. That and the entire last hour was spent pacing like a caged up lion. B| OH WELL, AT LEAST MY MOOD WAS BETTER.

I think it's because I actually have something to look forward to, I was even making little notes and trying to start planning ahead. /o/ GO ME.



I saw something that made me think of you. /o/ So I took a picture.
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★ Work was awesome, I had absolutely no complaints.

★ Family gathering for Christmas was even more awesome.  It was so much fun and I got so many things that I wanted.  Dinner?  It was fantastic and I was so happy that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I think this was the best Christmas in a few years, even if it was small.

Two new pairs of plugs, a beautiful black & white hoodie, a quesadilla maker, Guitar Hero 80s version AND a star projector for my room.  The star projector uses green lasers and there's an option to add some clouds, it's absolutely gorgeous and I really think I could just sleep with it on.

Now is time for a little Guitar Hero and then sleep. Tomorrow is nothing but relaxing and watching movies with my parents. /o/


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