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STEP ONE: Panic.
STEP TWO: Make contact.
STEP FOUR: Determine a course of action based on response or lack thereof.
RESULT: Mission failure. Further attempts to be made at a later date.

At least I have control over my hands and I don't feel like my body is going to rattle apart because of nerves. We'll see how I'm doing later though, I have a feeling that one way or another it's all going to come right back.

In other news I ate some really awesome nachos and it's freezing in my mom's house. Though I'm inclined to believe that I might be the only one feeling it because no one else really seems to be complaining. Now it's time to do another word search~!
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Buuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I woke up too early again. :|

Oh well, at least it will be a pleasant surprise for my mom when I actually show up early for things today. I need to do a bunch of crap before we can leave tomorrow.

One of which will be a nap. I'll need one.

I still need to go get some cat food so that my babies have something to eat while I'm gone. :3 I figure if I fill up their little silo thing and give them an extra bowl of food no one will have to brave the danger of my room.

So things I definitely need to do today?

Get my haircut.
Buy cat food.
Go to Walgreens. :| For some reason. I can't really remember why though.
Buy energy drinks.


Mostly because I'll have to pack when I get home. And we all know how much fun packing can be.

I should probably check the weather over there too. If I can remember that.
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So I tried to sleep and failed miserably. I have determined as of late that insomnia is totally my BFF.

I realized about 3AM that I never ate anything, so it's no wonder why I had ZERO attention span. I think it's even worse now. Aside from the fact that I've been listening to the same 11 songs for the past three and a half hours.

And I have to help teach kids about Japan later. \o/ I CAN DO THIS IN MY STRANGE STATE OF MIND. I will not ruin the young impressionable minds. I simply won't do it. I can refrain. The mood will not strike me.

I have that and then I'm going over to mom's. Where we might watch movies and I will hopefully get some dinner.

Goals for today:

1. Sing that song in the car. :| I'm determined to get it down and my success will be a GLORIOUS thing indeed.

And maybe a nap if my body will allow it. Otherwise I'll just make sure that I have back up caffeine pills in my bag before I leave.


Only you know, not. :|
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Not being able to sleep when I'm exhausted is so much do not want.

I think my issue it that I'm still annoyed over a million different things and I don't know how to fix a single one of them.  So instead of a real  entry you get a LIST. A VERY COLOURFUL LIST~ \o/

I want sleeeeeep.
I want a sandwich from Dion's.
I guess I am moving home, but when I'm not sure.  I just decided I wasn't packing before my birthday.
I don't want to go to Gallup again this weekend, but I know I should.
I hate my burned out headlight bulb that magically started working after I fucked up my hand trying to change it.
I feel very limited about a certain something and it's really frustrating.  I thought talking about it would help clear that up for me, but apparently not.
I want MOAR vicodin for my hand. :|  Srsly, this taking 8-10 ibuprofen at a time is not very cost efficient or helpful.

I think that's all I have to say right now. And again with the attempt to sleep~


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