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I wonder when people will learn that elementary school logic doesn't work when you're trying to return something. When I say you can return something and point out the various notices that say ALL SALES ARE FINAL, shoving it into my hand doesn't magically change my response.

Seriously, why all idiocy, consumers?

Tax refund has been acquired. I'm also getting paid tonight. My bank account will look awesome for a few days before I have to pay some stuff.

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Blah blah blah blah.

This week has gone by really fast, thankfully. Today was a gift shop day and tomorrow I'm pretty sure is a short day.

Managed to get my taxes halfway done. Federal is good news, state was a little disappointing. Not too disappointing, it really could have been worse I suppose.

Aaaaand, I can't think of what else I wanted to talk about. :|

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I felt really sick again last night so I went to bed all crazy early.

Then I woke up at 5am with a killer migraine and I tried for a couple of hours to go back to sleep, but NO DICE.  Sleep is made of SO MUCH FAIL. Hur.

So then I thought I would play a game, since I've kind of been feeling that urge to play Angelique again. So I played for a little bit and then got up because I thought I might try to fill out my tax stuff.  Haha.  Not a good idea with a migraine. I'm nauseas again, way cool.

Then I get a call from my mom asking about how to view history on the computer. +_+;  She said she would call to explain when she got home and now I'm all antsy about that.  It's like, hurry up and let me in on the potential problem.
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My cat knocked down a glass and broke it. There was a mighty hunt for the missing pieces and quite the exclamation when I found it all and pieced it back together.

Apparently I missed a little shard, because it's in my foot. NEAT.

I still forgot to get my tax information from my mom's house and I can't file without it. I FAIL.

I would say more but my brain function is minimal and it's time to sleep. ♥


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