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Words, words, words.

I'm putting my feelings into words. Or something.

Today was busier than hell for some reason, I ended up so frazzled that my hands were shaking and I really just felt like I wanted to fight someone.

Something at work kind of got to me more than it should have. I feel that I'm more than friendly to everyone I work with. They all seem to like talking to me, to the point that they are close to getting into trouble for doing it too much. I overheard one of the girls saying that her birthday was this weekend and she invited one of the stockers to her party. Not that I'm into party scenes much these days, but it seemed a little...idk, rude? Like, if I weren't going to invite someone to something, I would make sure not to ask someone else in front of them. I probably wouldn't have really felt like going anyway, but it still would have been nice to be considered, I guess? So yeah, no reason for it to bother me, but I JUST LIKE PEOPLE TO BE CONSIDERATE OR SOMETHING. Maybe it's really just because it's the second time in two weeks something shitty like that happened. The downside to keeping most people at a distance? Maybe, idek.

Then just blah blah blah, more Shawn and Stan bullshit. I'm at the point where I'm just doing that thing of listening and not really engaging, only hearing enough to make sure I can respond if the answer requires more than an 'uh huh', 'oh yeah', or a 'no kidding'. I think mom got all butthurt when I didn't think it was funny when she said she joked about wanting to 'stalk' him and try to find out what he was doing. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's obnoxious. At this point I really feel she should just withdraw from the whole thing, since she's way past being unbiased. She claims she is, but she's not really. I think it's because she's BEEN THERE BEFORE, but it's really not much of an excuse when she is supposed to be helping them both out.

The rest of the day was good though, got home and tried to rest for a bit but I was still too antsy and a little...stir crazy or something. So [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction and I ended up going out and getting some shopping done now that I've gotten paid and stuff. It was nice just being out and about, not having to worry about getting back right away or being bothered with any of this ridiculous shit.

But the highlight? THE HIGHLIGHT?

Shamrock Shake. I had been wanting one so bad since I saw the sign in the McD's window last weekend. And guess what? It was delicious. GONE IN A FLASH. Maybe I'll have another one. SOON.

I have RP stuff I was supposed to do, I think. But the motivation has been so low I'm not even sure what to do on that front. :( SAD FACE.

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Goddamn, today was so much more annoying than it needed to be. I woke up in a really good mood and then once I got to work it was just like pfffffft, auto deflate or something. Idk, maybe it was just the fact that I was told a bunch of bullshit before any of it really needed to be said.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and more relaxing, provided that things get back to normal.

Just a few more days. Everyone at work keeps asking me if I'm excited about my trip and I really am. Already trying to plan out things, but more I'm just looking forward to the company I'll be keeping. That's mostly what the whole thing is about anyway, the chance to have more time.

Still really need gas in my car. Still really need a haircut. Today I got so fed up with my hair that I just pushed the part over a little farther than it usually falls and slapped so much product into it not even the wind could move it. Sometimes I really hate the fact that my hair is naturally curly, I really enjoy most of the styles more suited for people with straight hair so much more.

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I want a nap.

So for the sake of being brief, I know I hate a lot of things.

But there are few things I hate more than someone lying right to my face. Way to set the example at work, dipshit.

I also hate being told that I should be medicated for my rage, herbal or not. I haven't punched anyone yet, so it's not like I'm a time bomb or anything. I usually pull my fist back at the last second, so it's all good. :|

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I swear the more I thought about work the more anxious I ended up getting. So much to the point that I think I managed to upset my stomach and I barely slept last night. In the end it really was better for me just to call in and claim family emergency. 

I had nightmares all night too, dead bodies in glass cages and somehow I was stuck in China with all these people that wanted to kill me because I knew too much. The more I think about it I'm certain that all of it came from that anxiety over work. How else do I explain being in China and being hunted down for my knowledge? 

Tomorrow I'll definitely go back, but I still need to start looking around for other things. I'm certain at this point that I will never feel the way that I did when I first started working there and that's tragic, but sometimes you just have to keep moving I guess.

I need to remember the word 'reprimand' as well. It's very important.

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Feeling so much more calm today, which is more than I expected. I really was kind of just feeling like I was in a hole yesterday. Found out that most of the things I was supposed to do today got canceled so I was looking forward to a nice and relaxing kind of day.

In the end we still wound up having to help lift cabinets and stuffu, so my arms are pretty sore and I probably should have taken some Tylenol first thing when we got back. Went to the mall after we moved that stuff and couldn't find anything that I just couldn't live without other than a cinnabon cupcake.

Now just chilling and hoping that tomorrow turns out well. I need to remember to call Cynthia to tell her how I'm doing. Kind of a little concerned about going back to work on Monday because I'm probably going to have to deal with a lot of crap over what happened on Friday. Still, I'm already scoping out places and seeing just who is hiring when I'm just out and about.

We'll just see how it all pans out I guess~ 


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